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Ministries We Support

Christ UMC Jacobus has, since its creation, had a passion for ministry.  We offer many ministries through our church, but we also support the ministries of other groups in our community.  These are are a few of the missions where our heart has been for many  years.

Chinese Outreach Missions

Our Missionaries:​


  1. COM- Ben and Cathy Bidelspach, Rev. Ken Wagoner

  2. SEND-Linc and Kaye Myers

  3. Disciple Makers- Madi Wenger

  4. Malawi-Rev. Blessings Magomero

  5. Neighborhood Center

  6. York Teen Haven

  7. House of Hope


For the first time in 4,000 years of Chinese history, the intellectuals are open to the Christian message due to their disillusionment with Maoism and Marxism.  They are looking for something to believe in that offers hope for China.  That hope is Jesus Christ our Lord.


Christ UMC Jacobus has had a heart for Malawi for over 10 years.  With God's help, through our efforts, we have been able to drill 11 boreholes (wells), which provide safe, clean water to more than 20,000 villagers; purchase and provide Bibles written in the native language, Chichewa; provide mosquito nets for protection from Malaria; offer relief from famine; and establish a mission connection between the youth in our church and the children in Malawi.  We continue to repond and adapt to the current needs of the people of Malawi through prayer for guidance and direction.

Shares in Ministry

A certain amount of every dollar you give the General Fund of Christ UMC Jacobus goes to support the work of the church worldwide.  This portion of our offering is called our "Shares in Ministry".

Friends of the Homes

United Methodist Home for Children and Family Services in Mechanicsburg


There are six United Methodist Homes for the elderly in Pennsylvania.

Reach Beyond (Ecuador)

Reaching Homes, Touching Hearts


Roger Reimer and Lois Reimer: Serving God in Ecuador


This short-wave radio ministry is now broadcasting The Good News in 152 major languages!  Currently there are only 124 languages left until all major languages have been translated!  We feel privileged to be able to help them in their ministry, as they teach the message of Jesus to all.

Helping Hands Neighborhood Center

The Helping Hands Neighborhood Center provides quality child care, health ministries, scouting and recreational programs, a clothing closet, food distribution, and tutoring to help its neighbors help themselves.  Through our monthly support, we can be a part of this mission.  You may also help by saving your Campbell's labels.

Our very own Lori Zeigler is the Executive Director of York's Healing House of Hope, which seeks to rehabilitate troubled teens in our area.  Throughout the journey of YHHOH, Christ Church has supported Lori and House of Hope through prayer, volunteer work, and numerous fundraising efforts.


The dedicated mission at HOHYP is to provide a loving, Christ-centered environment that brings hope, healing, and restoration to hurting teenagers and their families through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


House of Hope's residential home, located in Glen Rock, provides 24-hour care, room, board, food, counseling, and schooling/education to the teenagers living there.  They also provide physical, mental, and spiritual mentoring, and most importantly, God's unconditional love. To learn more about the House of Hope, visit their page at


Ministry Locations:




Teen Haven Camp (Brogue)


Rejoice over the work God is doing in the lives of many teens.  To learn more, visit their website at

Veterans Inspiring Veterans

Please view our Veterans Inspiring Veterans page for more information.

For several years, our very own Lorna Yohe has headed up the Week of Hope work camps run by Group in the York area.  She has officially retired from this ministry, but we continue to support in prayer this powerful ministry, which provides an opportunity for young people to serve in the York community and in other cities across the country.


Youth groups from across the United States raise funds to make the trip and sign up through Group Mission Trips, located in Loveland, Colorado.  When they arrive, they are assigned projects for the week, which may include work for an organization, for city parks, or for an individual or family at their home helping with painting, cleaning, or yard work.  During their week away, they also grow with Christ through devotions and evening programs.


To learn more, visit Group's Week of Hope work camp at

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