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Congregational Ministries & Teams

Christ United Methodist Church also offers several different areas of ministry within the church.  These areas of ministry provide opportunities for our friends and members to serve and become involved not just within the church but within the community as well.


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The Administrative Council Board Members oversees all operations of the church and institutes programs to improve the quality of the church membership and staff.


Our Cemetery Team is the committee that has been assigned to the care and maintenance of our cemetery, located adjacent to our Lakeview Park property on Water Street.


Our Finance Team has been given the responsibility of managing the church finances, maintaining a system of checks and balances and distributing funds where necessary in order to best operate our church and its ministries.


Related to the Finance Committee is the Endowment Team, which manages endowment funds and distributes our annual endowment scholarship to members attending college.


Our Lay Leadership has been given the task of supporting and recruiting lay readers and providing the education that lay leaders need in order to serve within the church.



The Missions Team at Christ UMC Jacobus is passionate about being the hands and feet of Christ in our local community and around the world.  This committee plans events to raise money for our outreach programs and seeks to serve the needs of the local community.  This committee also ensures our support of our global missions.


The Staff-Parish Relations Team (SPRC) is charged with the responsibility of hiring and maintaining paid and volunteer staff and resolving issues with said staff as necessary.  This team serves as an accountability system within the church so that those serving in leadership positions are the best fit for the job.


The Social Events Team is in charge of the social events of the church and getting volunteers to help with each event.


Health Ministries
Worship Committee

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