Christ Church is open for our 9:30 a.m. worship service and will be following these Covid-19 directives:

  If you are considered a high risk individual continue to shelter in place until you      feel safe to return. Tune in on our Facebook page to watch the service live or on    our website for the replay at 11:00 am. 

  Please wear your mask into the building and while you are seated in your pew. 

  We as a congregation may not engage in singing, but Evan will delight us with      his talent and provide an engaging worship experience through contemporary        praise and traditional hymns.

  We will be exercising 6 feet of social distance.

  Everything has been removed from the pews to help stop the spread of the   virus. Everything will be verbally and electronically communicated.

 NO nursery will be offered, families plan on worshiping together.

 Offering plates will not be passed, but they will be placed in the sanctuary for       your tithe and offering or if you feel more comfortable you can still send it in to 
the church office. Send to the attention of Sam Flick, Treasurer, 200 North     Main Street, Jacobus, PA 17407.  Thank you to everyone who has been     sending in your tithe/offerings. Very much appreciated. 

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